Friday, June 1, 2012

Pirate Paint-a-Thon Part II

After weeks of prep, the actual night of the Pirate Paint-a-thon was upon us, and I trekked out to Pasadena where I could put on the event.
All of the prepared and primed miniatures were displayed on two tables, featuring LEGO Pirates style island terrain (remember the 3 colored island baseplates from the old Pirates series?).
The Wargames Factory War of Spanish Succession Soldiers had one island, with a small house, and the pirates were on another table /  island with the HMS Sophie to show them off. The kids picked their men to paint from these displays.

The painting tables were set up with the same blue tablecloth and "island" decor, and provisioned with pallets, paintbrushes, Vallejo Paint, copies of my painting guide, and small cups of water (tiki shot glasses, if you must know).

This is an "after" picture showing what men were left after the painting frenzy.

We began the night with basic instruction and practice painting on the plastic WSS figures so that they'd have a better chance on their pirates. I did mine in the colors of a French Marine, circa the 7 Years War. It's amazing how well you can do with a limited pallet!

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