Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Minutemen Part II

After starting to reenact this period, I am realizing that some of my previous paint schemes just are not quite right for the colors you'd actually see on Colonial Militia. I have dulled down my colors and stuck to things that I've actually seen in the original garments. The more muted grayish tone reflects the homespun wools and vegetable dyes used to make clothing in America at the time.
Also, as my wife and I have been enjoying period dramas, it has come to my attention that one of my figures that I had reckoned a farmer of sorts, is, in fact local clergy. As such, Farmer Jenkins has been repainted and rechristened as Parson Jenkins (second from right).
I'll admit I had fun posing them as skirmishing.


Unknown said...

My personal favorites. Paint more, please.

Ben said...

You're in luck, I have another set of Minutemen in the works, Perry's Nervous Southern Militia Firing Line. I hope to have them completed & posted soon.

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