Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pulp Adventure, Part I

This figure is the first in a series of pulp adventurers I am painting up for my friend Kyle. The model comes from Wargames Foundry, and has a lot of character. This was one of my favorite models from the pack. His simple dress and determined look makes for a great miniature.

Like with simple paint patterns on tanks, the simpler colors of the uniform allowed for some wear and weathering to be shown without disrupting the model too much. Though not perfectly shown in the photos, I've added sweat stains around the collar, under the arms, and down the back from the neck, as well as about the helmet where it would contact the head. The stains on the pith helmet are based on the ones that developed after I wore mine for a few years. I painted the leather gaiters and cartridge belt to have some wear around the edges, where the dye has rubbed off.
For now he stands on a simple desert base, though I am toying with adding deep savannah grass to make it more scenic.

 Also in the works is a sailor, who looks like he's straight off a tramp steamer. Fairly simple paint job here, with off-white pants, a blue peacoat, and white Greek cap. The most fun part was doing the striped shirt. He is based on an extra deck-base I'd made for AWI and Pirate crews. Now I just need a ship that will suit him...

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