Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perry ACW Plastics, part 3

I've completed my first small section of my Perry American Civil War infantry. The plan developing in my head right now is to paint half the box for each side of the conflict, so as to make a matched set for small skirmish gaming (and potentially as posses in Legends of the Old West...).
I chose the golden grass instead of green for two reasons; it gives a good contrast to the very blue figures, and it kind of works for trampled crops. When I get enough of these all painted up, i'll add standing wheat to the very front rank.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Perry ACW Plastics, part 2

I have completed my test figure for the bulk of the infantry that came in the box. These have a good amount of customization available, with choice of hats and arms. Some models come as a nearly one piece marching pose, while others give the option for skirmishing, firing line, or reloading poses. I did the first one in the classic toy soldier pose of standing with shouldered rifle, aiming downrange. Again, the detail is better than what i'm used to in plastic. I love the way the Perry brothers sculpt faces; so much expression.
Perry Plastic ACW Union Infantry
For now the base is simple earth, as i have not figured out how to implement the rest. My pipe dream is to base them so that they appear to be marching through a corn or wheat field, with intact crops on the front rank.

And here is a comparative size shot next to a classic Valhallan figure from GW's metal ranges of yesteryear. Being my first miniatures almost 9 years ago now, theirs is what I consider a standard size.
Perry ACW plastic figure next to Games Workshop Imperial Guard metal

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Perry ACW Plastics, part 1

I've just received my shipment of the new Plastic ACW figures from Perry Miniatures, and am really excited to get working on these. While the American Civil War is not necessarily my strongest suit, I wanted to give these fine figures a try.

I am also interested in the new direction that the perry Brothers are taking. I am a fan of their lead work, and consider theirs among the very best available. I was naturally curious as to how their work would pan out when done in plastic, and also excited at the cost effective armies that may come as a result of their dabbling.

I've worked on a few riflemen and one officer. IMHO, the officer painted up a bit like Matthew Broderick form Glory... (and that Rorschach fellow ought to be put away for all his offensive imagery!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

84th Foot

Eighty Fourth Highland Grenadiers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The French

I am finding myself more interested than I had originally though I would be in the regular armies of the AWI period. As much as I have enjoyed researching and painting forces like militia irregulars and Indian war bands, the call of the uniformed force kept haunting me.
Having already done a few redcoats, I wanted to try something different, so I ventured into some French soldiers from the revolution. I chose the Saintonge regiment because 1, I could find some good reference pictures, and 2, I really liked the green facing look.
The models I painted for these were Old Glory AWI french soldiers. From certain angles they look fine, but the molds are too narrow, and the men look rather weedy. Some of the faces look good, but others are lacking in detail, anatomy, and expression. Like the whole model, some faces look great from the side, but from the front look squished.
Mass painting has, however, made up for this, and I dare say they look good in a group.
By and by, their charleville muskets are very accurately sculpted.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Minute Men

Here are some of my continental militia figures, also from the AWI range. These are Foundry models.
These men were a lot of fun to do. I really enjoy painting such a diverse mob. Every figure gets to be unique, so you don't get tired of painting a lot of them.

I really like the expression on the man in the shirtsleeves, like someone in the ranks made a very off color comment.
The one on the far left just looks ticked.

Woodland Indians.

Here are some of my completed woodland Indians; a part of my forces of the American War of Independence. These are the first four of twelve.


Hello. This blog will record my progress in painting different historical miniatures.
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