Friday, January 6, 2012

Hummel Battery, Part III

Finishing out my Self Propelled Artillery Battery for the Late War German Army in Flames of War (a real mouthful!) is the third and likely last Hummel SPG. I went for a little extra flourish on this model, customizing the solid resin hull and gun compartment to open up the rear doors as they would be while firing a barrage. I carved out the closed doors and filed the opening flat. New doors were cut from plastic sheeting and attached to the hinge mounts.
Camouflage was applied by brush, using the technique described on the Panzer III, and based on historic photos for the pattern on the vehicle. Markings also applied by brush rather than by transfer decals, as I have not had much success blending them onto my models, especially at smaller scales.
Also modified is the gun barrel lock, which I cut down into its stowed position, folded on the forward hull. I am yet to decide on adding crew to this model or not...
The Whole Battery
Now that I have 3 guns firing, it is time to begin work on a spotter team and radio truck. For the time being, an Opel Blitz is being used as a stand-in and my PzIII plays the part of OP tank. However, I am planning on modelling an infantry spotter team mounted in a half-track.
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