Monday, June 25, 2012

The Redcoats are Coming Part I

Naturally, with the growing pile of Continental soldiers, they need someone to face off against, and, seeing as I reenact the 29th regiment of Foot during this conflict, there was really no choice. The officer above is a  Front Rank figure. Since he will mostly be used outside of formation and in smaller skirmish games, his base is round, as is the rest of my "hero" models for the redcoats. He is painted with the yellow facings of the 29th, a white wig, and a silver gorget.

These 4 figures comprise the "command" group of the redcoats when used in smaller skirmish rules that I typically play. All figres are Front Rank as far as I can tell, and all are based round. The basing reflects the regiment as well, as they are based on a grassy field, instead of (at least attempted) woodland undergrowth and uneven ground of my Continental Militia.

Perhaps my favorite of my Lobster backs. Enjoyed doing the blood-soaked bandage on the head. Otherwise a straight forward paintjob.

Lastly, we can see here the equipage that came on the figures. They are complete with cartridge box, bayonet frog, haversack, tin canteen, and goatskin backpack typical of early war uniforms. Also note the knee breeches and half-gaiters. I may go back and add white tape trim to the tricorns of the enlisted men, though the officer's will stay all black.

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