Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flames of War II: the Reckoning

Despite initial setbacks and frustrations, there is something uniquely fun about the new scale of figure. When I saw a great deal on a Festungkompanie, I immediately snatched it up to expand my new German force.

THe box came with more than 3 platoons of Grenadiers in Late War configuration with camo smocks, helmet covers, and MG42s for each section. The sculpt allows for use as Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, (or  more elite and less scrupulous units...) I painted mine in Heer uniforms, using the Splinter Pattern for the smocks and helmet covers.

After playing my first game, I decided to line the bottoms of my squad bases using felt squares cut to size. This allows them to stand in place even on the slopes of hills. To help keep track of platoons on the table and in storage, I've added small roman numerals to the backs of the bases to denote which platoon they belong to.

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