Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Minutemen Part III

It being Independence Day, it seems fitting to post more of my minuteman project. One of my favorite subjects in lead has been the Colonial Militias and Minutemen of the American War of Independence. Whether the mythos of the citizen-soldier walking off the farm and into history truly won the war, I still love painting underdog forces, and really enjoy the variety and character found in these models. These two are the first of a set of Perry Nervous Southern Militia.

Sticking with the homespun look of my previous Militia figures, I went with an earth tone pallet. Another fun detail is the very individual sets of equipment. Each minuteman is sculpted to have his own personal set of cross belts and  carry anything from leather hunting pouches to tin cartridge boxes.

I have switched over to using washers for basing, liking them for their unobtrusive profile, and especially for the weight and balance they five to the figures. Only problem I encounter is that the paint rubs off quite easily from the edges when handled. Anyone know any good tricks to make it more resilient to handling?

The basing with a variety of static grass and clump foliage is intended to suggest a operations in semi-cultivated land.

The second figure is one of the more properly equipped and dressed examples from the set. 

Well, it's a holiday, so I'll leave you with a few more figures and cut the rambling a bit short this time.

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