Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sparks of War: a first taste of Flames of War

Though I initially had no intent to start another game system, I had always eyeballed the Flames of War tank blisters at my FLGS's. Many moons ago in college, i had picked up a single Tiger 1E tank (if you're going to paint only one tank, it might as well be the Tiger), and played around with paint jobs, but never got it to my satisfaction.

Recently, my friend and former employer was digging his way out from beneath his lead mountain, and asked if I'd be interested in painting up his German midwar Grenadier platoon. Of course I could not resist the opportunity to try a new figure range, so i gleefully accepted.

As my first attempt at a new and much smaller scale, going from my usual 28mm and 25mm figures down to the tiny 15mm men, I found myself feeling furstrated and ham handed. Though I had nearly 8 years under my belt painting the larger sizes, I was reduced to roughly the same amount of control that I had as a beginner in the hobby. My brush felt big and my strokes were heavy. I believe i finished my first stand of infantry as much by force as i did by finesse.

As is visible in the photo, I'm also learning about photographing the new scale.
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