Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Overdue Updates

After a prolonged hiatus, I believe I am ready to reenter the blogging world, if perhaps not as frequently as I once did.

Over the past 21 months, a lot has changed for me. I took part in a great adventure to the Bicentennial of Waterloo where I came within yards of meeting the Perry Brothers, and not know untilI got home and saw their picture of my unit on Facebook. Shortly after, I went through a career change from printer to professor, and then summer 2016 saw the addition of "Dad" to my list of pseudonyms with the arrival of my little daughter.

I continued to paint, though much more sporadically in both time and topic. I was also introduced to the now wildly popular Fantasy Flight Star Wars games X-Wing and Armada, which, being rather resource-light in comparison to my more involved and figure-heavy games, were easier to accommodate into my new schedule. 

Now I look forward to getting back into painting and posting updates of my progress. In between changing diapers and updating my department's curriculum, of course.
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