Saturday, May 19, 2012

Achtung, Tiger! Part 2

Having completed my first Tiger, I had to do another, (remember that bit about willpower?) I picked up a second kit from my friendly local game store, and set to building and painting. One of the first things you notice is that Battlefront's sculpting has improved quite a bit in the last 8 years! The new sculpt of the Tiger has far more detail, and many more options for finishing. All of the hatches can be assembled opened or closed. You have your choice of fender(s), and there are enough crewmen to really bring the model to life. It also sports later cast road wheels and wider tracks, and improved details on hull stowage, exhaust vents, and a much nicer commander's cupola.

Breaking my tradition of painting all tanks unique, I decided to give the Tiger platoon a unified feel with very similar camouflage.

Despite being separated by several years of production technology on the part of Battlefront, the two tigers look pretty good together!

Well, I guess I haven't quite finished. Missed a spot on the tracks. But below that you can see one of the road wheels in a primer grey, to give the model bit of interest on this side, and represent a replaced part, not painted up to the camo scheme of the rest of the tank. I liked that the kit gave the option for how many track links hang on your turret.

Another recent improvement is my photographic studio. My wife finally prevailed upon me to clean up my desk/workspace where i do my modelling and also where I photograph my work. With the clean space, I am able to mount twin desk lamps to converge on a small white backdrop (11x17 white paper). I am now able to get much cleaner images shot of my work. I was surprised to see how much it  improved my pictures!

All in all, this was a joy to build and paint, and though I don't have much of an in-game use for more, I am quite tempted to try a third one...

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