Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ju87 G Stuka

Having played a few games, I've realized the importance of air support. This also gave me a good excuse to build a model airplane. I found a good 1:144 scale Stuka at my local gigantic hobbyshop, and went home to assemble. Much to my delight, instead of being only a Ju87D kit, the instructions told you to ignore the antitank guns included in the kit: it had the parts to build a G model! The detail was great for this scale, and included parts that could have been glossed over, such as adjustable dive flaps, and struts for the tailplane. Also included was an etched brass machinegun for the backseater, but I broke the piece trying to bend it.

The plane is finished by hand. The Luftwaffe camouflage was acheived using GW's Charadon Granite and Goblin Green, and I am satisfied with the effect.

I built my own flying base with a spare clear plastic flying stand from an old GW kit, of which the vertical peg had long since broken off. Instead i drilled out the center and put in a piece of stiff steel wire. It is based according to the rest of my LW Grenadiers. Then I drilled a hole in the belly of the airplane to accommodate the flying stand. I made sure that it was aft of the balance point so that the plane would be in a dynamic strafing pose, which is much more interesting than a static flying position.

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