Friday, May 18, 2012

Achtung, Tiger! Part 1

If not impossible, it would be a feat of superhuman willpower well beyond my meager abilities to paint up a German WWII force without including at least one Tiger tank. As it would happen, years before I got into this particular game, I had picked up a single Tiger 1E with Zimmerit model from the then new game system. I painted it up as best I could at the time, but was never really satisfied.
Having recently become airbrush-savvy, I could not resist redoing my Panzer VI to a higher standard.

Tiger 1E
The Tiger is the Holy Grail of historical armor modelling, at least for me. In Flames of War, such heavy tanks tend to be centrepieces and focal points for your entire army, If anyone would scrutinize anything in your force it would be that vehicle. No pressure. After practicing airbrushing at this scale on some of my StuGs, I was finally comfortable enough to try my hand at the ubiquitous Tiger.

Having tried unsuccessfully with Vallejo Air Color, I reverted to what I know, and used the appropriate tones from Tamiya. I cannot say that they are better than the Vallejo paints in an airbrush, but having learned on them, I find them easier to get predictable results with. The tanks start out with a Dark Yellow basecoat, then the camouflage of Olive Drab and Nato Brown are applied over top. Then a very thinned out layer of dark yellow filters the colors back together. Some shades and filters of various browns and blacks went thinly over top before the final details were picked out with a brush.

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