Thursday, December 30, 2010

SU-85 (1:72)

My really cool wife gave me a great Christmas gift of a set of two Armourfast Soviet SU-85 self propelled anti tank guns in 1:72 (20mm) scale. As soon as we were back home I tore into the package to start construction on the first of the tanks. In my excitement, I misplaced one of the exhaust ports. So that I could still build both tanks, I tried my hand at simple green-stuff mold, using a spare GW square base.

The first of the two tanks was to be painted in the  standard green of Russian armor. I painted it in a lighter shade than a factory fresh tank, showing some field wear. Preferring a slight asymmetry on my armor models, I removed the left fender and only attached 3 of the four external fuel tanks. 

As I like on plain green paint schemes, I was able to show wear and weathering across the otherwise uniform surface. Rust, oil, and rain streaks cross the green expanse on the side of the turret-box.

Only complaint is the lack of detail on the tracks. I'll have to go back and add mud or something to make the model a little more believable. Also have not yet decided on unit markings. Those will be added later, as I figure out what to do with the tracks.

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