Thursday, October 11, 2012

Continental Army, Part II

This is my second installment of Continental Regulars of the American Revolution. The figure pictured here is the test model for a group of Old Glory Continentals on the march. I have gone for a different version of the American uniform, this time clad in the earlier brown coat that was prevalent before supply of French coats made blue the standard. I like the brown also for tying a little more into the homespun look of my minutemen.

This figure was also an exciting departure in painting technique, as I used it to experiment with a lighter use of color. Instead of beginning with the darkest colors, and building lighter toward the highlights, in this case I primed the model a medium grey, and began with a thinned down light brown, and added darker and thicker paint into the low areas, building up the shadows with the thickest paint, which allows thelightness of the priming to come through in the highlights. The process takes me a little longer, perhaps because I'm not used to it yet, but I am excited at the results.

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