Thursday, August 16, 2012

Von Knyphausen Hessians, Part II

Another opposing force for my Minutemen and Continental Army, I have completed the set of 8 Foundry Hessian Grenadiers.  They are painted in the colors of Regiment Von Knyphausen

I had originally painted up the test figure for this group a while ago, and have finally found my way back to the set's completion. Consistent with my experience with Foundry so far, the figures were well sculpted, had very few molding issues, and were fun to paint.

Pictures may not show this too clearly, but despite being all in strict regimental form, each face is distinct, and has quite a bit of character, while still not breaking the professional soldier look of the regiment.

I found some divergences in detail between the different references for this regimental color scheme. Some books give the regiment pewter buttons on their coats and black gaiters, while others have white gaiters and brass buttons, as well as yellow waistcoats. I am sticking with my original colors, which come from a period drawing, and because the black gaiters give more of a contrast to the models.

Painting mustaches is fun!

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