Monday, August 13, 2012

German Grenadier Mortar Teams

To privide my Flames of War LW Germans valuable indirect fire support, I painted up tehse mortar teams. Some of the teams came in my first Festungkompanie box, while others are from a supplimental blister pack.

Uniforms are painted to match the existing Grenadiers, with some field grey, some Heer splinter camouflage, and some field-applied helmet camouflage.

Mortars themselves are painted in the typical dunkelgelb of my armor. To ease basing, I built them onto small skids of cut plastic card to help raise them above the level of the sand i would add later, and also to put them at the same elevation as the crew members. I painted the completed stands with the figures and their mortars, then added the basing material over the finished assembly.

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