Monday, August 20, 2012

MG42 Teams

As more light fire support to the late war German force in Flames of War, allow me to present my MG42 HMG platoon. The models are fairly straightforward, with a heavy machinegun team on each base. Interesting to note that the gun is the same MG in each infantry squad, but mounted on a more stable tripod and supplied with more ammunition for continued fire.

The only difference between an MG42 squad weapon and MG42 Heavy Machine Gun is how it's used. In game terms, the sustained fire comes in the form of a great many more shots than a normal MG infantry team gets, serving mostly to pin down enemy infantry either to prevent an assault, or to aid your teams charging the enemy.

There are minor variations in the sculpts from gun team to gun team. Also worth noting that the men of this blister pack seem a little skinnier than the other LW Germans I've painted from Battlefront. These seem more realistically scaled and proportioned, and look lankey against the normal builds of the series.

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