Thursday, November 8, 2018

Churchill Tank 1

A year ago I received a set of three Churchill tanks for Flames of War. They are late war Churchill VIIs but I plan to take a few liberties to include them in the latter part of my mid war desert group.
The first tank took its inspiration from a surviving example found in Iraq in 2004. Not entirely sure if the color scheme is period, but it is within reason for a British vehicle of 1943 in the desert. I toned down the green a bit to fit with the rest of my group, but retained the more vibrant yellow of the hull undercoat.

As is somewhat common for my blog now, the WIP was stored on my old computer, so I can only share the results.

The kit does come with multiple armament options, so of course I had to make them modular. I'll detail this in a future post.

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