Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sherman Fireflies

Since I figured out how to effectively use Vallejo paints through an airbrush, I've been dying to finish (and in some cases, redo) my 15mm British Late War Armoured Squadron.

These Tiger-killers are painted in my usual recipe of US Dark Green highlighted up to Russian Uniform WWII, altered slightly with a final highlight of Russian Uniform mixed with a little bit of Iraqi Sand. For a little more variety between green tanks, The Firefly on the left has rubber track pads, while the other is running on all metal. Both sets of tracks are done with Black-Brown as the new base layer. I think I like it for being a bit more of an oiled filth color.
Unit markings are yet to be done, and I'm waffling between doing them by hand or trying to acquire some appropriate decals (though listing discernably toward hand-painting). Since these are plain green tanks, I may also use them as a test bed for new weathering techniques...

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