Tuesday, April 28, 2015

British Shermans, Part III

Since discovering the solution (pun!) to properly thinning Vallejo paint for airbrush use, I've set out quickly retouching some of my unfinished and not-quite-the-way-I-hoped 15mm Sherman tanks.

The models themselves aren't stellar, since they are miraculously-scaled toys I snagged at discount, but the proportions are quite good, even if some detail is simplified.
The paint scheme is the same as my previous tanks, and the highlights are the same, just applied via airbrush instead of by hand. 
Again, the tracks are done in a darker brown than I used to paint them, and I really do prefer the new look.
These are serviceable at this point, though they currently lack unit markings. Once I finish debating between decals and painted markings, I can bring these on to completion.

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