Tuesday, January 13, 2015

British 8th Foot, War of 1812

My commissioned set of 8th Foot, War of 1812 is now complete. The company is made of a mix of Front Rank and Foundry figures, which blend quite nicely.

As per the agreement in this commission, my patron will be adding flags of his own procurement  to the ensigns behind the mounted officer. For now they march without their colours.
With the completion of the set, I've painted up this second officer figure. I quite like his pose and wish I could take credit for picking him out. Good one, Dave!
The commanding officer of the 8th Foot contingent, riding forward of the line's advance to survey the field ahead.
One of the sergeants of the regiment, advancing with spontoon. This one comes from Front Rank.
Lastly, here's a finished blank base. It fills an empty space in the movement tray for the commanding officer, since his horse takes adds a fifth square to his block with the drummer and two ensigns, and this evens it out and adds just a small splash of contrasting color with the flowers. Keep an eye out for the units combat debut in our next 1812 Sharp Practice game!

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