Thursday, September 25, 2014

Connecticut Line Infantry

With all the new redcoats reinforcing the gaming table, the poor minutemen need a properly trained fighting force on thier side as well. To oppose the crown forces on tabletop, I've been preparing a group Old Glory continental infantry.
Rather than the more ubiquitous blue coat, I wanted a more unique force, and with family ties to Connecticut, I was inclined toward brown coated infantry from that state. (Of course on table they'll more often represent a more generic Continental Infantry when out of appropriate battles)

My initial test figure came out better than I'd expected, but in less than full daylight, his coat could be mistaken for a redcoat. To make sure the men stood out as distinct at a glance, but unwilling to go bluecoat, I instead worked on varying their smallclothes.

Rather than a very well-equipped and uniform force, they get a bit more of an overall mottled appearence. Some of the men wear breeches, while others get long gaiter-trousers. Buff, brown, and white are mixed and matched throughout the group. References also showed red and blue as appropriate waistcoat colors for some brown coated infantry, but to maintain a little more subdued color overall, I omitted these brighter articles.

Here we can see them alongside their normal opponents, and the distincition between the two groups is tankfully readily-apparent. Also adding to the variation among the ranks, not all their hats get white tape trim, which adds a good unpolished look, and further visually separates them from their opposing figures.

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