Saturday, August 2, 2014

Petit Armée

One of the best parts of making new gaming friends is the expanding of your games repertoire. My friend Andrew has introduced me to a fun little game in Petit Armée.

If you think those figures look familiar, you'd be right! This game utilizes painted Risk figures, taken from the board game.

Also like the board game, it comes as a self-contained set (though I did gratuitously add the small walled town I painted to the game this time), with rules, painted figures, and scenery all packaged into portable boxes.
Part of Set-Up is both players choosing a certain number of terrain features and placing them on the gaming space. These include buildings, forests, roads, and hills.

The Thin Red Line deployed, anchoring its defenses on the walled town.
French cavalry forming up near a farm
The French horse troops charge their English counterparts.
The French press the town at centre, while flanking with cavalry. The british horse ride out to meet them, but are driven away. On the right flank, the river proves too much for the flanking redcoats.
Run away!
Ligere infantry storm the town, wiping out the KGL defenders.
The beginning of the end. French artillery pounds the English centre companies. Poor deployment leaves their guns unable to counter battery fire. (I should have clarified LOS rules before the game...)
The heroic last stand of the Highland Grenadiers.

Overall, though my strategy was questionable at best, the game was a fun rule set, and perfect for introducing others to the game as it came as a matched set of armies, with all the terrain you need.

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