Tuesday, August 26, 2014

British Marines Shore Party

I have now complted the first 8 British Marines from the American Revolution. These Perry Brothers plastic figures have been a lot of fun to paint so far, but it has definitely been a learning process.

On the whole the sculpting and molding has been very good, with minimal fitting issues and only nominal flash to clean. Uniform and equipment are pretty authentic, down to the crescent canteens. While the figures come sculpted in gaiter-trousers, it is suggested that breeches and half gaiters can be accomplished by paint, and I found I was satisfactorily successful doing this.

My one real issue is one of my own lack of foresight. While gleefully putting these new models together, I got ahead of myself and forgot to check the fit of the unit, and, as a result, I have difficulty fitting them into two ranks they will most commonly be played, since some of the rear-rank figures' muskets are pointed just a bit too low. In the future, the whole 8 will be assembled together on their movement tray to ensure ranking.

The marines are mounted on Gale Force 9 magnetic 20mm square bases, and then deployed on movement trays for games. The trays are set up for 8 man units, which is what my gaming club currently uses for Sharp Practice. I prefer individually mounted magnetic bases, since they allow long-term flexibility with the basing. If down the road I find myself playing much larger games with different basing requirements, they can be easilly rearranged onto now movement trays. Mine are made from empty gift cards with teh GF9 self-adhesive magnetic sheet stuck to the top. Edges are balsa covered in basing material, and the empty ground is painted to match the sides of the bases.

The red line grows! The first small detachment is ready for deployment, and will be seeing action in a game soon, with a battle report to follow.

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