Sunday, April 13, 2014

Launching a Sorylian Fleet, part II: Transfer trouble and attempted OSL

Continuing to paint-up a Sorylian fleet for Firestorm Armada, this is the test model (WIP) for the workhorse of the fleet, the Skyhammer Cruiser.

More evident here than on the Frigate, I am using transfers from Games Workshop Tau and Salamanders on the model for my squadron markings. I turned the Tau writing transfers vertical to fit the models better, and to change the look to be less like a western alphabet. In my haste to get the transfers onto the model, I overlooked a crucial step and forgot to gloss coat the model first, so despite following the rest of the procedure, the edge of the transfer shows on the model. Hopefully with this lesson learned the hard way, I can proceed with more success on future ships.

As with the Frigates, I am trying to finish these models more as if they were model aircraft, or ideally special effect filming models, rather than as miniatures for a tabletop game. This means that instead of really emphasizing details by highlighting panels and edges, the miniatures are painted their hull colors, and then weathered. The panels are accentuated by dark lining the recesses, and some panels are weathered darker than others and in the end we arrive at a more lived-in look.

A staple of painting Firestorm Armada ships is the concept of Object Source Lighting, or OSL. This is used mainly for engine glow, and also to simulate lights shining out of viewports. Essentially the technique boils down to reverse highlighting, with the brighter colors happening at the source, and gradually fading back to the base color of the model. Below is my second attempt, which is still not where I would like it. The first attempt was so bad I immediately repainted it and didn't even photograph it. Perhaps with some brighter color yet this second attempt can be completed to a better standard.

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