Monday, June 3, 2013

8th Regiment of Foot, 1812 (WIP)

Having completed my test model, I have been working on my commissioned 1812 British regiment. 
The force is a part of a series of figures I have been painting for my friend for gaming the War of 1812 using Sharp practice ruleset. The models here represnet the 8th Regiment of Foot, which fought in America during the war. They wear the blue facings of a royal regiment, and fielded in the earlier stovepipe shakos. The models are still WIP, but nearing completion.

 As the Sharp Practice rules emphasize the role of officers and leadership, I'll begin with the force's commander, who fields mounted. You can see the regimental cypher on the back of the saddle, still in its early stages of refinement. I am also as of yet unsure of the color of trim over the top of his hat. 

Moving on to one of his subordinate Lieutenants, we have an officer on foot, who I believe was sculpted by Foundry.

His gloves need to be finished, and will be either white or buff, depending on my mood when I go back with the last details. Also on the list of things to research is his hat plume, which will likely be half red and half white like those of his men.

Here's the whole of the enlisted men so far:

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