Friday, May 17, 2013

29th REG'T Drummer, 1776

Continuing to flesh out the Crown Forces of my AWI collection, I have been working on a series of musicians and a standard bearer. Musicians are an interesting challenge to paint at this scale,
as their uniforms are much more intricate and complex than an infantryman's. The coats are made inverse to the rest of the regiment, most of the time. In the case of the 29th REG'T, this makes them yellow with red facings. Also noteworthy is that they are absolutely covered in a web of regimetnal lace. Not just outlining the buttonholes, but essentially outlining every major seam on the garment, and having a ladder of chevrons up each arm.

An interesting historical note: as a tradition, drummers in the 29th during the Revolution were black. This made a bit of a fuss while they were stationed in Boston during the occupation, as it was the drummer's duty to dispense corporal punishment. The slave-owning locals apparently did not enjoy watching them scourge white soldiers in the town square...

The next addition to my AWI British command will be a fifer, and perhaps the King's Colors.

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