Friday, March 8, 2013

British Line infantry, War of 1812 (Test Figure)

Allow me to present the first of a small British army from the war of 1812. This force will be a group of 38 infantrymen in early war stovepipe shakos sculpted by the illustrious Wargames Foundry, and serve as opponent to the 1st US Infantry.

I had a disappointing visit to a local super store, where the grey primer I normally use on my miniatures was out of stock. Since Loni needed white paint anyways for some of her Easter projects, I decided to give white primer a go. The results turned out a lot better than my last attempt at white primer (not counting an Imperial Stormtrooper, who turned out fine), and I am excited to paint this force.

One of the improvements I have been working on is painting a better madder red for the infantryman's coat. As our shipment of wool in the proper colour has arrived for my new AWI impression , I have been studying the look of the actual material, and have concocted a new recipe for madder red. I think it still needs a slightly more orange-red of a final highlight, but I'm happy with the overall tone.
The next thing I need to work on is a better scarlet for the officer types, who in my previous figures wore clothes beneath their station.

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