Saturday, February 2, 2013

1st US Infantry Division, 1812 part II

Today I'd like to show the whole of the American army from 1812 that I've painted so far, including some figures I haven't photographed yet. The officer leads his men from horseback while the NCOs keep the troops in line.

Since I've been working on my friend David's American army  in small batches, I have not even seen all of them together myself yet. He has kindly assembled the men and taken some shots for me. I am liking how the bases rank up for a good unified look. When I get to the riflemen, they'll have a variation on this basing technique with a little more undergrowth and rocks to give an impression of skirmishing over rough ground.

It is a lot of fun to see the whole regiment arrayed out like this, and I can't wait to face it on the tabletop!

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Kevin Holland said...

You've got some great "War of 1812" figures - and your games look great too!

I was also working on "1812" with a buddy, but he passed away last Fall.

Here's a couple of posts from our group blog, showing my "1812" British and Indians:

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