Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Wreck of the Dred Hawk

My friend Zach was back from D.C. to visit, and what better chance to catch up than on the tabletop! We decided to play a scenario of Sharp Practice using my Napoleonic Era figures. Here are the highlights (at least the ones that photographed well):

The Royal Navy Schooner Dred Hawk has run aground on the French coast. A patrol of Voltigeurs has spotted the stranded seamen.

A column of Republican soldiers hurries toward the coast.

But a Royal Navy brig is nearby, and lands troops to relieve the sailors.

Supported by exiled French Royalists, the redcoats form line and advance into the village.

Elite grenadiers manning the palisade of the nearby garrison fire on the relief force,

Having driven off their initial attackers, the navy men leave their wreck behind and make for their comrades, but in their haste bowl over thier plucky young officer, who is not having the best of days.

The column advances toward the thin red line.
...only to make an abrupt right face and start toward the wrecked ship....

Unfortunately for them, the officer leading the detachment had a moment of indecision, leaving them vulnerable in the open.

The navy men hunker down behind a fence and deliver ragged volleys of defensive fire, slowly weakening the French attack.

The line formation manouvers into position and enfilades the French column from their rear flank, with devastating results

The remaining men of the column step aside and allow their elites to move in for the kill. Grenadiers rush in and take the fight agains the navy to close quarters, where their superior numbers and training quickly overwhelm them.

For the British, it is too little too late. Despite heavy losses inflicted on the French, the young navy officer realizes his position untenable, and gives his sword to the Frech colonel. With any luck he'll be exchanged...

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