Friday, September 14, 2012

Gordon Highlanders in Africa

In a miniatures swap with a friend, I have ended up with a small supply of pith-helmeted highlander models., I at first thought it may have been either a Zulu or Sudan war figure, but on closer inspection is from Old Glory's Boer Wars range. After scrutinizing the figures and their equipment I decided to paint them up as Gordon Highlanders, with their own proprietary tartan. Hopefully it will be distinct enough at this scale, since it does bear some resemblance to the more common Black Watch plaid. The coat is khaki, since it has breast pockets, and I cannot find any illustrations showing red tunics with breast pockets. Khaki was also a decision based on the rifle he carries. At a distance it looks like a Martini Henry, but on closer inspection it has a box cartridge in front of the trigger and a bolt mechanism on the top, making it likely an early Lee-Enfield.

Pith helmet and belts done in white mostly for the sake of cool contrast on the miniature, though this may not be the most historic choice.

The base is intended to give an African feel, with red earth, and a mixture of greener low-growing turf and deep, straw colored savannah grass. The tufts of tall grass are bristles cut from a cheap paintbrush of the sort that shows up at every hardware store in America. I think I may have overdone the grass effect on this test model, and will likely tone it down a bit on the rest of his squad.

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