Wednesday, September 19, 2012

East African Tribesman

Thanks to a reenacting friend's donation, I have had the privilege of trying out the Perry Brothers' plastic Madhist Ansar set. I don't think I have ever seen so versatile a plastic set before. Though intended to portray the Madhist rebels of the Sudan war, with the multiple head and arm/weapon options, you can create a wide variety of peoples of North Eastern Africa. I will take advange of this versatility to create several smaller groups of figures, modifying some to Turkana

The first test figure is painted up a bit generically, with red cloth and a spear. I may add a plaid pattern to the clothing, since those are popular, and tend to end up in a lot of reference pictures. I do not, however, know at what point in history they became popular, but in my time in Kenya, I saw red plaid in wide use in rural areas, with several people groups. I did the skin using a modification from the Perry Brother's tutorial. 

The spear is painted very faintly silver, since many of the raw iron tips appear mostly black in person.

The basing is a refinement on my Gordon Highlander base, with a more subtle use of the bristle of the deep grass, so that it does not take over the figure. The hope is that en masse, the grass on the base will add up to a deep plain.

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Kyle Dalton said...

This piece is incredible! I can hardly wait to see your future pieces.

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