Saturday, September 29, 2012

...and now for something completely different

As a departure from my normal work, as well as a favor to my loving wife, Ive repainted a small garden gnome figure for our herb garden outside. Loni picked this guy up at the local grocery store as an unpainted white resin figurine.

He is picking up the slack for me, as I have clearly not been the best at watering my little herb garden. We didn't want to have a very loud, bright gnome as the center focal point of the garden, but rather would include him as a little secret to discover, hence the green and brown clothing. (On the left you can see his friend, the pet rock.)

I think he does a decent job of blending in, but without disappearing completely. When I am better about watering the basil, he has more foliage to wander though.

Here you can see the texture of his grey beard, and the gnome's striped brown trousers. The light colored spots on his tunic are deposits from watering. To acheive the basing look I used on this model, you will need a salad garden table, a bag of potting soil, basil and oregano seeds. After a few months of watering, I had the perfect herb-garden base for the miniature.

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