Thursday, July 10, 2008

Perry ACW Plastics, part 2

I have completed my test figure for the bulk of the infantry that came in the box. These have a good amount of customization available, with choice of hats and arms. Some models come as a nearly one piece marching pose, while others give the option for skirmishing, firing line, or reloading poses. I did the first one in the classic toy soldier pose of standing with shouldered rifle, aiming downrange. Again, the detail is better than what i'm used to in plastic. I love the way the Perry brothers sculpt faces; so much expression.
Perry Plastic ACW Union Infantry
For now the base is simple earth, as i have not figured out how to implement the rest. My pipe dream is to base them so that they appear to be marching through a corn or wheat field, with intact crops on the front rank.

And here is a comparative size shot next to a classic Valhallan figure from GW's metal ranges of yesteryear. Being my first miniatures almost 9 years ago now, theirs is what I consider a standard size.
Perry ACW plastic figure next to Games Workshop Imperial Guard metal

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