Monday, May 5, 2008

The French

I am finding myself more interested than I had originally though I would be in the regular armies of the AWI period. As much as I have enjoyed researching and painting forces like militia irregulars and Indian war bands, the call of the uniformed force kept haunting me.
Having already done a few redcoats, I wanted to try something different, so I ventured into some French soldiers from the revolution. I chose the Saintonge regiment because 1, I could find some good reference pictures, and 2, I really liked the green facing look.
The models I painted for these were Old Glory AWI french soldiers. From certain angles they look fine, but the molds are too narrow, and the men look rather weedy. Some of the faces look good, but others are lacking in detail, anatomy, and expression. Like the whole model, some faces look great from the side, but from the front look squished.
Mass painting has, however, made up for this, and I dare say they look good in a group.
By and by, their charleville muskets are very accurately sculpted.

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