Friday, December 19, 2014

Battlestar Galactica part I

Making my blog into even more of a miniatures variety show, I'm taking to the stars again, and have begun work on some classic Battlestar Galactica miniatures for fleet-level starship gaming. The models claim to be resin, but working with them, I belive them to be pure extruded nostalgia.

The models are multipart resin kits, produced by Ravenstar Studios. The detail is good, and the kits look great, though they do need a little bit of love and attention that is due all resin kits, starting with a Simple Green bath.

For the Colonial ships, the hangar nacelles had a good deal of flash to clean, and to reenforce the seams I pinned them in place with some brass rod.

The Cylon Basestars, being comprised of flat discs were just sandwiched together and held with clothespins, and were an easier build

The first round of ships built and primed. Right now they're just grey, but soon, they'll be very specific grey!

The color of these two types of grey space ship was very important to me. I wanted to create miniatures true to the source material, while being distinct on the tabletop. I know that the two iconic ships above are hard to mistake for each other, but with some of the other smaller craft that may be added to the fleets, identification might not be quite so immediate. Studying pictures of the original filming miniatures used in the 1978 series,  the colonial ships tended toward a warmer, more concrete grey, while the cylons tended toward a cool slightly bluish grey. This also does seem to reflect their respective owners. A little bit of smoke ink and they're almost complete.

What's a fresh paint job without some gratuitous photoshopping? (The nebula in the background is from the NASA astronomy picture of the day archives.)

Smaller details, markings, and engine effects still await, but the test models have shown me my processes and painting steps involved for the rest of their fleets.

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