Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Portable Game Table: Painting

Returning to the Folding Game Table project, the time has finally arrived to paint the textured surface, and begin to bring the board to life.

The table where we last left off: with the sawdust texture applied.

A base color of dark brown house paint was applied via roller. This allowed it to gob on a bit thicker, and to really get into the nooks and recesses of the textured surface. The heavy coating of exterior latex will help protect the sawdust and act as another layer of glue. In this case I am using leftover paint from our house's mailbox post; the color is called "Cabin Brown."

The highlighting colors were bargain craft paint approximations of some of my favorite Vallejo basing colors. At 50¢ per bottle, I could affordably cover a much larger area than the tiny bottles were intended, and had some room for error. The colors were Golden Brown, Khaki, and Ivory. I first attempted to use a sponge brush for dry brushing, but it left worse streaks than a regular brush, so those areas had to be repainted.

Starting over, the drybrushing was done with a cheap bristle brush from the paint department at the local hardware store, and this time had the desired effect.

In the next step, I'll be adding some plant life to this barren board.

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