Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Portable Game Table Update

After some serious gaffs and carpenterial humbling, I've set off again to try and complete my dream of a portable gaming surface.
As we last left off, I had the four surface panels attached into two folding half-tables, which had been serviceable as a full table when properly supported and clamped together, but before I could move on to the parts of the project I really relish, I had yet to combine the two halves into one full size piece.
Researching in Fine Woodworking online magazine, I came across an article that showed the basic work I'd be attempting.

It appears I was too hasty with my first attempt at mortised butt hinging (No guffawing!). This time attentive to old adages, I spent much more time carefully measuring the hardware to be installed. Using the chiseling technique showcased in the above link, I was able to come much closer to recessing an area exactly half the thickness of the closed hinge.
Clamps are my friends!
Used clamps to keep table halves lined up for marking the facing panels, I traced the outline of the hinge onto the second side of the table, using a sharp knife blade.

Got a bit fiddly on this one... Had to reset the screws several times before I got a straight fit. Unless both hinges were even with each other, the table will not fold correctly.

These remind me of my old trombone case...

Luggage clasps now hold the assembled board flat for gaming. Without them the board sags toward all four corners, and is rather unstable to the peril of finely painted miniatures atop it. I may install one or two more to help keep the table closed when not in use...

I'll have to live with the two hinge knuckles protruding into the gaming area, but this is one of the compromises made for portability. Hopefully with some black or brown spray paint  they'll not attract too much attention in the finished piece.

Mostly flat!
Now on to the fun part: texturizing and painting the playing surface!

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