Saturday, November 9, 2013

Woodsman's Ambush (Sharp Practice Blind, Part II)

There! Behind that wall!

This is the second installment in my series of making blinds for Sharp Practice to represent probable locations of hidden troops.

The paint-up was pretty quick, and was done through primarily dry brush techniques, though I did go back in with dark grey ink and retouch the gaps in the stone wall.

Ground cover is a mix of Woodland Scenics ground cover (ground foam) and static grass from Games Workshop and Galeforce 9. All in all I think it gives it a good country field look. (Kind of reminds me of my Grandma & Grandpa's farm.)
And one last gratuitous scenic shot with the hidden movement marker in among my trees and against the new panoramic backdrop. I'm looking forward to making some more interesting blinds in the coming weeks. So far I am thinking of animals, and abandoned campsite, and possibly a burned out wagon.

Do you have any suggestions for what would make good disturbances in the peaceful wilderness, that just might mean the enemy is at hand?

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