Monday, September 30, 2013

Mobile Frame Zero

My brother Tim is to be held responsible for introducing me to Mobile Frame Zero. This was a kickstarter project to create a miniatures skirmish game for Mech-suits using LEGO bricks.
The rules are well written, and the game play is fun, but the real draw here is building LEGO robots. Having played two games using his loaner Mobile Frames, I set out to make some using my small LEGO collection.

The first one is a fairly basic humanoid mech with ranged weapon arms; a definite nod to classic battle tech mech design.

Using roughly the same leg design, I built a Hoplite styled battlemech, with large shield and spear, to be a more literal melee ranged mobile frame with defensive systems.

As the supply of useful little parts dwindled in my smallish lego collection, I had to switch designs away from legged walkers, and build my third frame on a wheeled/tracked chassis.

In all things miniature I am inexorably drawn to the concept of tank, in all its iterations. So even in a game centered around the idea of giant robots, I cannot fully depart traditional armor. Using it as a more long-range artillery vehicle seemed to fit the vehicle type too, as it would give a more stable platform for firing the big guns.

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