Sunday, July 21, 2013

HMS Sophie Part 6 - Aft Cabin Renovation

Finally jumping back into my 28mm Royal Navy Brig project, it is time to revise the windows for the aft cabin. I feel my current version detracts from the rest of the model, so I am removing the part, and adding windows based on examples of 18th C. warships, and simplifying them to fit the look and scale of the ship.

As currently installed, my aft cabin would look just fine if the ship was intended for use in fantasy games, but, even as a quasi-historic vessel, it would have to go.

Years ago I purchased some multi-pane windows from a model railroad shop with the intention of building a ruined factory. These actually have about the look I am hoping for here, so they'll be installed on the stern of the Sophie. The plan will be to create an aft cabin façade as a separate plate and then attach it as a completed assembly.

The windows as purchased are a bit too tall for the height of the ship, so I cut them down, removing a row of panes from the bottom of the window. since they'll be glued to a plate of plasticard, I don't have to worry about strength when the abridged versions are glued back together.

I apologize for a lack of documentation of the unpainted window assembly, but we have to skip ahead here to the completed window façade attached to the stern of the model. The window panes have been painted using the standard method for painting jewels on miniatures. A gloss coating may be added after the dullcoat.
Up next will likely be further deck details, such as hammock netting, fife rails, hatches to belowdecks, and a capstan.

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