Saturday, July 6, 2013

1812 Sharp Practice Meeting Engagement

Returning once again to the War of 1812, I introduced a combined force of British Regulars with native allies in a game against the US line in another Sharp Practice match with my friend Dave.

The 8th foot march on the frontier, supported on their flanks covered by native contingents advancing obscured in the woods.

Moving in column, the US infantry rush to take the field.

Just between the two advancing armies lies a small settlement, surrounded by a low stone wall.

The Rifle Regiment wastes no time taking cover in the wall, and peppers the British line with well-aimed fire.

A not insubstantial number of crown-allied native forces seemingly materialize in the forest, under the pay of a British officer.

The woodland indians rush to the flank of the Riflemen, who continue to harass the crown's line.

In the nick of time, the rifles reform to face the new threat.

Their numbers thinned by rifle fire, the Indians cross the stream and drag the rifles into a swirling melée.

Hand to hand combat is not the rifles' forte. Thankfully for them, a detachment of infantry blasts a volley into the Indians' flank, driving the survivors into the woods.

The british have taken the hill overlooking the town. Despite withering fire from the rifles, thier officers manage to keep the men's morale high, but the American column has also reached the strong point, and are ready to make their stand.

However, the American officer hesitates at the crucial moment, and the redcoats fire a neat volley from the hilltop while they loiter about in the open.

A second group of warriors charge into the Rifles, throwing the second half back, and taking the skirmishers below useful strength.

The final blow. The Americans try to reform into a firing line, but get rushed by a war party in the flank. Despite being repelled several times, they eventually prevailed, breaking the formation and sending the Yankees into complete disarray.

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