Sunday, March 3, 2019

Scout Trooper Test Model

Imperial Scout Troopers really captured my imagination as a child growing up on the heels of Return of the Jedi (my parents tell me I saw it in the theatre, technically). What Star Wars toys and merchandise that was available to me was mostly from Jedi. In fact some of my very first miniatures was a set of these troops from the old West End Star Wars range, purchased from the Star Tours giftshop.

These troops were the expansion I was waiting for when the game was announced. (The speeder bikes were a good start though...) I went for a (hopefully) screen-accurate look. I exaggerated the color difference between the white plastic armor and the white cloth waist pouches. In the films, the white cloth actually appears a bit whiter than the armor, but in miniature it seems to come across better reversed.

My test figure's helmet is a bit darker than I'd hoped due to a bit of an amateur goof: I picked up the model to work on the legs, unaware that I'd gotten my dark grey paint on my hand. I was able to remove most of it, but with white primer, it's nearly impossible to remove all the stain. I managed to paint it back toward white using sky grey underneath, but it is definitely showing darker than the rest of the armor.

Clearly basing needs to be done, but otherwise the figure is done to my satisfaction, and I'm ready to run.

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