Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hearts of Oak

I have been working on a set of Brigade Games 28mm Royal Navy shore party figures that Loni gave me for Christmas, and these are some of the most accurately clothed figures I have ever seen.

This is my first time using figures form Brigade Games, and I must say I am impressed. Naval uniforms of the time, especially that of seamen, do not have a lot of distinguishing details such as lace or ornamentations, and these miniatures pull off a period look by accurately sculpting the cut and the fit of the clothes. The seams on thier short coats are correct. The trousers fit the men correctly. Between these and other small details these are some of the finest men i've had the priviledge to paint.

You may have noticed that these men stand on plain grey platforms. Since I do not yet have a plan for thier bases, they are only tacky glued for painting, so I can remove and pin them properly at a later time.

Now the real question will be basing. Though these would look quite good onboard the HMS Sophie or my Dreadhawk schooner, most games I run do not take place onboard a ship, and this IS a shore party. The other option would involve creating a good looking beach for the men to be coming ashore on, probably with washed up seaweed and some cool sea rocks, as seen often in shore scenes in Hornblower. Something rather like this:

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Has anyone else tried making a beach rock base for a miniature before? Any recommendations or tips?

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