Sunday, March 6, 2011

Napoleonic British Infantry, Spain 1809

As is my new MO, I've started to work on an aggressor force to pair with the French Napoleonic Line Infantry. The Perry Brothers are at it again with another great plastic set. I gleefully picked these up as soon as they became available. The models are their best plastic kit yet! The poses are both dynamic and lifelike. They have really caught a lot of small gestural detail, and these only look better in bulk. The figures look great both individually for skirmish games and in a line together. You have great options for shooting, at the ready, and various stages of loading, They all look straight from the manual of arms, too. One of my favorite options is to have two soldiers sharing out cartridges.
Given my love for the Sharpe's Rifles series, I've chosen to paint them up for the Peninsula Campaign. I prefer the earlier shakos with the gold plates and plumes. It also gave me the chance to do some cool things with the bases. From what I have seen in pictures, Spain has a very interesting and varied landscape not too different from that of my native California. I tried to give it a scrubby look along with rough ground.
I'm painting these up as 44th foot since I like yellow facings on my redcoats, and also for the convenience factor of having the regimental colours come with the set. It is worth noting the variance of trotter packs in this set. Though this model shows just the basic pack with greatcoat, there are a variety of other accoutraments attached to the packs, from extra shoes to cooking equipment.
My officer is hatless, and I think he looks a bit like Mr Wickham. 
For this set I've also finally wizened up and worked on magnetic bases, which should ease gameplay, storage, and transport.

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